Add reminders

Edit existing items or add your own. Additionally, add a remider to your phone calendar to remember the activity.

Check, check!

Keep your schedule on track with the Noeeva Checklist, and mark every activity as done until your weddind day.

Star items!

Are there any important items you need to remember, just add a star for easy referral.

Don't forget a thing about your wedding!

Thorough checklist

Our experts have created a thorough checklist so you don't forget the critical things about the wedding planning process.

Add reminders and don't forget

While creating or editing items, you can also add a reminder to your iPhone Calendar, to do this, just click the clock button on the left side and don't forget...

Star important items

Noeeva has added a star reminder icon, so that you can easily locate critical checklist items and give priority to them.

Add your own items

Enter additional reminders and checklist items to remember. All it takes is for you to sign up using Facebook.

Wedding Checklist Support

Have any questions or suggestions, we are always eager to improve and add more features to our products. Please contact us, we will be happy to hear from you.