Snap and comment

Found a great dress, or a great centerpiece, just snap it with your camera, add a few comments and remember those details that matter.

Unique Photonotes

Images say a thousand words, so save those details using our PhotoNotes app.

All your notes

Save as many photo-notes as you need and make your wedding unique in style.

Don't forget a thing about your wedding!

Simple. Just snap and save!

Little details make weddings stand out and unique, and planning a wedding is all about finding the right ideas that match your style.

Add memo to pictures

Add a small memo on ideas for your vows or take a photo note of a great floral decoration you saw at a friend's wedding.

Keep everything in one place. All the notes you need.

Don't ever use other services, or scribble in small pads, carry them all with you on your smartphone together with the rest of your wedding.

Noeeva let's you keep as many photo-notes as you want in a beautifully organized way. No limit.

Wedding Photo Notes Support

Have any questions or suggestions, we are always eager to improve and add more features to our products. Please contact us, we will be happy to hear from you.